Vidéo promo réalisé pour la Journée eCommerce à Québec.
La journée eCommerce, qui rassemblera plus de 400 acteurs et spécialistes du commerce électronique et du commerce de détail québécois, offrira l’opportunité d’assister à 6 conférences/formations ciblées par des enjeux importants ainsi qu’une période de réseautage de type «Happy Hour» afin de permettre des échanges entre les différents participants.
Cet événement, dans le cadre de la «Semaine Numérique de Québec», se voit comme une opportunité de partage de connaissances et de pistes de solutions pour les commerçants québécois qui désirent prendre le virage numérique.

The Journée eCommerce is a day filled with presentations, keynotes, talks, panels and exciting encounters. It’s an opportunity to learn from eCommerce’s elite and the managers of some of the most performing eCommerce stores in North America. Speakers will share their knowledge, their best advice, and their expertise in many fields and aspects of eCommerce. This year, many of our speakers are internationally renowned, and some of them have never put a foot in Quebec! Stay tuned to learn more about our programming. 

    Journée eCommerce’s mission is to give a voice to today’s eCommerce leaders and trend-setters that will be heard by tomorrow’s innovators. The goal of the event is to promote digital business and to help local entrepreneurs expand in new markets. The Journée eCommerce gathers hundreds of entrepreneurs, retailers, marketers and UX designers doing digital business and sharing the desire to learn from the very bests. The Journée eCommerce is proud to be an event of the Semaine numériqc (#SNQc19) Tickets include snacks, lunch, and our famous Happy Hour. Please note that the event is bilingual. Some of the presentations will be given in French, other in English.

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